Why It Is Beneficial To Hire a Photographer On a Recurring Basis

Collage of women small business owners in Washington DC

If you own a small or medium-sized business, chances are you’re struggling with finding a way to set yourself apart without breaking your budget.

It’s the complaint I hear the most; not knowing where to spend those precious marketing dollars. Google and Facebook ads are confusing and there’s a scary algorithm to overcome, and most small business owners ain’t got time for that.

Personal Branding Photography is something you can see the results of immediately, and long-term over the lifetime of your business.

What’s Personal Branding Photography?

Simply put, it’s photos of you and your company, doing what you do.

Not just photos of you sitting behind your desk working on whatever it is you work on. Real-life photos of the processes, procedures, innovations, and heart and soul of your business.

You use these photos to build a brand for your company anywhere you like such as in emails, newsletters, your website or your social media.

Think of Nike; you don’t have to see them cobbling together shoes in an ad to know it’s theirs.

You see a photo and a swoosh, and the feeling of that photo screams NIKE.

That’s personal branding photography on a big corporate level, but you get the idea.

Why a Personal Branding Photography Session?

Let’s be honest. As humans, we’re nosy. We love the “inside scoop.” We love a story or a narrative that we can see ourselves in.

And more importantly, we like to buy from people and companies that we like, know and trust.

Photographs of you, your company, your products, your services are what builds that trust from the first time a potential customer comes across your site or social media feed.

Guess what your Competitors are Using for Photos for their Web and Social?

Stock photos (lame) or photos they ripped off from Google (lame, and also illegal).

Having your own library of photos of your company builds authority and your branding.

As a customer, aren’t you more likely to buy from the company that has beautiful imagery of what they do or create?

How Often Do You Need Personal Brand Photography?

This is highly individualized depending on your company, but my clients see the best results when we work together on a reoccurring basis.

For some clients, that’s monthly, some quarterly, and some just a few times a year. I’ll work with you to figure out what’s best for you.

It’s a bit of a dance, and the more we work together, the better we flow.

Because your business is always evolving, having multiple shoots a year allows for newer products and services to be highlighted.

There’s a Reason for the Season

Shooting by season is probably the most common for my clients because it allows them to showcase what they offer during that time of year.

It also shows potential customers that you’re not just re-using the same photos over and over. The photos are current, fresh and not dated.

Seeing a photo with snow during the summer months won’t connect with your customers.

There’s a different feel for every season, and your marketing and branding should reflect that, even if it’s subtle.

How Do the Sessions Work?

We’ll plan your sessions together before the shoot, focusing on what you want to be captured.

Typically, I block off one entire day for your session to allow for maximum creativity, for the welcome gift of spontaneous imagery and for extra time in case the weather gods don’t want to work with us for outdoor sessions.

The more we work together, the quicker the shoots tend to go; kind of like knowing exactly how your spouse likes their coffee.

I come right to you, whether you are local, or across the country.

What Do I Get, Exactly?

My Personal Branding Photography Sessions include the planning session, the photography time on the day, and an in-depth, curated stock library with unlimited usage.